Hello lovely! My name is Sanjida but you can call me Sunny because I’m also the author of Sunnyville.

What will you find on this blog? Well depending on what I come across or end up doing, I can post anything ranging from fitness tips to entertainments posts. I enjoy watching Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and even Korean dramas, so you might find posts related to these topics.

I’ll also have a section that pertains to my life and my daily endeavors. If you spend hours on the web reading random things, then you may want to stick around. I tend to post a few times a week so make sure to subscribe by following me!

A little bit about me. I’m 4 foot 11 and half inches of swagma. My hobbies include bathroom singing, lazy gymming, Netflix/Hulu, writing, dancing, and occasionally, awesoming like a baws. I love coffee, cats, and sushi.



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