14 Reasons to Love Indian Drama Serials

If you have a desi mother who watches Indian drama serials, you’ve probably walked into the living room during prime drama serial time and seen her glued to a sappy Saas-Bahu type show. If you’ve gone a step further and joined her in this utter brain numbing activity, you have come to find that these shows are absolutely fascinating.

Exhibit A: The Zoom in on the Face


Exhibit B: The Zoom in on the Face a Gajillion Times  

Indian television drama


Crazy Flashes

indian wut dramatic soap opera


If there wasn’t enough tension already, this will make sure you start pulling your hair out. WHYYYYY????

Intense Music


Everything is intense from someone eating a doughnut to having constipation.

Coincidental Falls


Why is the female lead ALWAYS falling  and for some reason, the male lead is ALWAYS there to catch her with dramatic passion? That’s just how romance works in the universe.

Scarf Getting Caught


Not only, is the female lead a total clutz, she also gets her scarf stuck on everything. Basically, she’s incapable of survival. That’s what the male lead is there for. Thanks for this portrayal of women writers. We didn’t have enough of that already…

The Love-Hate Relationship


When in doubt, start off the story with a love-hate relationship…or start off every story with a love-hate relationship because you can never have enough cliches.



These stories are obviously designed for the naive or people with brains who choose to drastically suspend their disbelief and throw logic out the door.

The Villain that just doesn’t die


Why doesn’t this b**** just die already? Because we’ve run out of problems and need to stretch the story as much as possible.

Somehow the main character didn’t die


They flew off a cliff in a car on flames…but they rise up like The Mother of Dragons, completely and utterly unburnt.

Time Leap


Why drag it out when it’s already so painful to watch?

Memory Loss

everything finding dory dory finding movienews


I don’t always write great plot lines, but when I do, I fill it with Amnesia.

Actor changes more than once


I don’t always change the actor playing a major role when things go south, but actually I do.

When the main characters almost meet or walk by each other without knowing


Because the story’s been dragged out long enough and them meeting would be the end of that. Are you bald yet?


What’s your favorite part of Indian Drama Serials? Don’t be selfish, share in the comment section below!


2 thoughts on “14 Reasons to Love Indian Drama Serials

    1. @The Marriage Maze, I never watched Saathiya haha. I stopped watching Indian serials when I got to a certain age but I used to be obsessed too!


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