Why is it so freaking cold in May?

I’m writing this post because I like to complain, and I’m sure you do to. So what is this crap? Someone screwed with the weather machine didn’t they? Yes, I’m referring to that boop boop beep looking contraption from Snow Day. I also like to reference the Disney Channel Original Movies. =D

But seriously, what the heck are you supposed to do when your brain thinks April Showers brings May Flowers but actually April Showers brings more showers and Winter is Coming: Part Dos… Am I allowed to show the skin and wear the dresses or am I supposed to continue being anti-social, extend hibernation, and wait for global warming to fucking not. Let me rephrase that: irresponsible citizens of this Earth to fucking not. I actually don’t know if this is the reason for the shifting seasons so don’t quote me on that or anything for that matter.

Am I too cynical? I call it cynical optimism. I made that up. I’m a pretty upbeat person, but like I said, I like to complain. What is even the point of this rant? Am I going to try to make this any less rantish and share some something intelligent? Nope, that’s it. It’s just a rant. =D­


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