10 Signs You’re a Desi Girl

Growing up in a Bengali household in a quaint little (predominantly white) town of Connecticut can leave you feeling a little desi sometimes. I’ve decided to do one of those list type posts to express my desi-ness so if you can relate to any of these, you might just be a desi girl.


1. You had to learn how to use the word “sorry” on your own because goodness forbid all hell break loose if your parents were ever caught apologizing to you. 


And trying to apologize to your parents for something is another utterly awkward story.


2. You receive the “Parent knows all, and ye shall forever be indebted to the parent” mantra in an infinite loop.

What's The Hardest Part About Growing Up With Conservative Parents?


3. You’re so lucky to be allowed to date. Once. It’s permanent. It’s called marriage.

Let's get married.

Tiana5SOS / imgfave.com


4. At family or social gatherings, you have random aunties (who are not related to you in any way) come up to you to ask your age, what your parents do, year in school, your major, your sun sign, what you ate for breakfast, the color of your snot, and so on. If you see one of these creatures approaching, just run bi*** run.

girlgrowingsmall / tumblr.com

BEWARE, this lady is sniffing out a bride for her son or some rando relative (who is either still in high school or 20 years older than you).


5. You need to provide an easy nickname so people don’t act like they’re trying to read the ingredients on a box of frosted flakes.


(If your name is Sanjida, your non-desi teachers/professors call you Sanjaya for the whole semester. Thank you American Idol season 6.)


6. You don’t recognize your male friends as soon as your parents are in town.



7. If you usually greet your male friends with hugs, now you just blink at them from 10 feet away.

Nicki Minaj shocked / blinking



8. You convert all your non-desi friends by forcing them to watch ALL the Bollywood chick flicks.



9. You realize Bollywood movies make as much sense as Kim Kardashian running for President, but you watch them anyway. It’s called EXTREME SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF. 



10. Your friends are lining up to learn recipes from your mom while she continues to shake her head disapprovingly at your lack of interest.



11. You use the term brownie for the rich chocolaty dessert as well as delectable male specimen of the South Asian variety interchangeably. 










12. You’ve seen this theatrical shit more than enough during your mom’s prime time Indian drama serial hour. 

indian wut dramatic soap opera

 Spartancarver / reddit.com


13. You have four career choices: Doctor, Engineer, Doctor or Engineer



And because you can’t have a post about being a desi girl without the Dostana reference below….. 


 c’mon, you knew it was coming. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any other instances of being a desi girl you want to share, leave a comment! And don’t forget to get your Swagma on! Subscribe by clicking the follow button near the top right of the page! Stay Swaggy 😉






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