Dramatic Snowy Mountains and Hypothermia: Bollywood’s Recipe for Romance


Photo: nowrunning

Can someone please explain to me why scenes like this exist? What is it with Bollywood and dramatic song sequences in the snowy mountains?

Take a look at this photo from the movie Sanam Re. At first glance, it’s very picturesque and romantic looking. Bollywood does a great job of creating these types of scenes. But is this actually romantic?  Hell no.

Carefully look at what the actress is wearing! Can you you spell hypo-freakin-thermia? It’s a saree for crying out loud. If you’ve ever worn a saree, you know it’s only good for two things; 1) Covering your vital areas and 2) tripping over yourself (especially if you’re klutzilla, like me).

Wearing a saree also takes copious amount of time and patience, especially if you’re not a saree wearing protege. Once you put it on, you realize it’s just long roll of cloth that could rip or fall apart at any given moment. Basically designed for a possible catastrophic wardrobe malfunction. Ok, I’m exaggerating. However, I’m not exaggerating when I say these things are meant to be worn in warmer temperatures! I mean, look at the amount of skin exposed. Even if you wear it more conservatively, there is so much leeway for wind.

With all this in mind, why would anyone ever want to put a saree on and trudge through the snow in freakishly cold climates? The hem would be soaked after two steps, not to mention you’d probably trip and die before you even noticed. Why on earth would you sign up for that? I wouldn’t even do it for the hunky co-actors…probably.

Also why do the male actors get to wear snug turtle neck sweaters while the actresses get a flimsy piece of cloth? They better be getting more mulah.

If you’ve ever watched a Bollywood movie, you’ve seen you’re fair share of women in sarees running into the arms of a turtle neck clad Shah Rukh Khan in the mountains. And if you haven’t or if you need a reminder, take a look at just a few examples below.


Photo: bollywoodpresents


Photo: Forbes


Photo: bollywoodshaadis

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2 thoughts on “Dramatic Snowy Mountains and Hypothermia: Bollywood’s Recipe for Romance

  1. Loved this! It was pretty funny and accurate! By the way, you forgot the legendary “romantic” song in the snow of Amitabh, Kabhi Kabhie haha


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