Hello! Salam! Namaste! Pranam!

If you’ve ever used any of the above greetings to greet an actual human being, then you my friend, have swagma (and that’s suh-waag-mah, not sha-war-ma, although I could use some shawarma.) Congratulations!! No, you don’t win an explanation to what that means. Not yet anyway, because I have yet to figure out what it means myself. I’ll let you know when I do. You do however, win a virtual loving welcome to my blog!

This is where you will find all types jargon I post including tips, reviews, and the fun tidbits of my extra-ordinary life. You may even come across posts regarding the desi life. Now if you don’t already know what the term desi means, then you’ve just lost all your swagma. Actually, you’ve just lost the rights to your intellect for not knowing this political term meaning “things or people of South Asian origin.” Just kidding, desi is not a political term. From my understanding, some genius down the line took the word desh (used in several South Asian languages for the word country) and began referring to people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. as desi, instead of using something like brownie (although you will find that I do use this term to refer to delectable male specimen of the South Asian variety).

But I digress! You absolutely do not have to be desi to be a part of this exciting corner of the internet! If you’re looking for advice on all sorts of useful and random things, entertainment reviews (including Bollywood and Kdramas because I’m Asian), or to follow an uber cool blog by an uber cool person, by all means follow me! I’m also very new to this whole blogging thing so please excuse my blunders and forgive me if I have a terrible sense of humor.

Until next time, stay swaggy! (if that didn’t make you cringe) 😉


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